Excellence in logistics operations

02ADVANTAGES OF USING Square Worldwide Logistics Pvt Ltd

  • Problem solving is made very easy by involvement of more than 20 Plus years experienced representatives
  • Professional and systematic approach towards achieving delivery schedules
  • Information flow is made easy by providing the current information right across the table
  • Very flexible in adhering to the service levels required by the customer
  • Our team is dedicated to : reaching the right product at the right time ,in the right condition at the right place
  • We work out the best optimum rate for the client to make sure schedules are met
  • Our adaptable staff are on hand to make certain that all runs smoothly, whatever the situation
  • Our specialists prepare all paper work necessary to move cargo from the importing carrier to the ultimate consignee.
  • We keep abreast of Customs and Department of Trade regulations to ensure correct classification of goods in compliance with applicable laws
  • Given a chance, Our team, specialized in various logistics services. shall thrive to achieve win-win situation. We shall adhere to in-time delivery schedule by proper co-ordination with various departments


    To become the best in providing total logistics services to our customers. Empower employees for shouldering higher responsibilities resulting in job enrichment and job satisfaction. To become the best Company in providing qualitative and professional services.


    To be the most preferred total Logistics Service Provider ensuring prompt delivery schedule.





    Satisfy our customers' needs and expectations. Make commitments we fully understand and believe we can meet. Meet all commitments to customers on time.


    We handle all types of commodity, to name a few………

  • Miscellaneous Manufacturing Articles
  • Garments Accessories
  • Mobile Parts
  • Electronics & Electricals Good, Electrical Equipment and parts.
  • Glass & Glass Ware
  • Metals & Articles thereof
  • Mineral Products
  • Projects Import
  • Plastics and Articles thereof, Rubber and Articles
  • Machinery & Mechanical appliances including used capital goods
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